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All About Public Insurance Claim Adjuster

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Public Insurance Claim Adjuster, also called an insurance adjuster, is responsible for handling the claims made by the insured in the form of personal injury, medical expenses and property damage. The public insurance adjuster works as an impartial third party to determine the correct amount or payment that will be given to the claimant. He also performs the process of reporting the claim to the insurance company.

The main function of a public insurance adjuster is to investigate the claim and evaluate the case. It will work to determine the extent of damage and the actual costs incurred by the claimant. The adjuster is usually trained to take care of all sorts of claims ranging from car accidents to work injuries. When an accident occurs, the claimant has the right to file a claim with the insurance company.

The public insurance claim adjuster can either work with the claimant directly or he may also work through an intermediary agency. In some cases the adjuster will also handle the case of the insurance company in a confidential manner.

The public insurance claim adjuster is responsible for gathering the relevant details from the claimant to make an accurate evaluation. He can request the claimant’s medical reports as well as the police report in order to make a detailed report about the accident. The adjuster may also request witness statements from other individuals involved in the accident. If the claimant was injured because of the negligence of another person, he will also have the right to hire his own attorney to present his case.

The insurance adjuster works on the basis of an agreement between the claimant and the insurance company in order to determine the correct settlement amount. He also tries to reach an agreement about the exact type of compensation for the claimant if the claim is not successful.

The public insurance claim adjuster should always follow all guidelines set forth by the state in which the claim is filed. He should also not accept any offer or proposal from the claimant until he has carefully analyzed all the details in the case.

When the claim is unsuccessful, the claim adjuster can be paid by the insurance company as well as the claimant. If he is unsuccessful, the claim adjuster can still submit a claim with the state court system.

The public insurance claim adjuster does not have the authority to grant or deny a settlement to the claimant. It is the responsibility of the claimant to prove that the insurance company was responsible for the accident and he must present the evidence to prove this.

The responsibility of the public insurance claim adjuster lies with the insurance company, who decides whether he will provide him with a settlement. Click here for more details about public claim adjuster and how they can help you on your insurance policy claims.

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