Home Improvement: Window Replacement Guide

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Window replacement is an integral part of all home remodeling projects. Nearly 80% of all window replacement involves simply inserting a new replacement window into an existing frame. This process is known as “insertion” window replacement and can be performed by a skilled home remodeling contractor, a home-improvement store, or a handyman who specializes in this particular procedure.

In this process, both the interior and external trim remain intact and the new replacement unit simply is placed into an existing opening by first securing it to the existing frame with brackets. In most cases, a temporary cap or trim piece is also placed around the outer perimeter of the existing frame to fill in the small gap. Once the unit is secure to the framing, it is securely held in place by locking it into place using screws.

It is imperative that a professional have the necessary tools to properly complete this task as it requires precision and knowledge in order to complete the installation details correctly. Some window replacement units require the installation of additional hardware such as trim pieces, brackets, hinges, and so on.

The new replacement window should fit snugly and flush with the existing exterior trim, so that it blends in well with the existing house style. In addition, new windows should not be installed too close to the outside edge of the siding as this may cause damage to the siding.

If a replacement window requires installation of a replacement trim piece, the new trim piece should not be installed too far inside the window opening as this will cause the window to bow inward toward the inside edge of the siding. Another issue that may arise when installing a trim piece inside of a window is that it will interfere with the existing window blinds or drapes. This is easily remedied by simply removing the existing window blinds and curtains and replacing them with the new trim.

As with any other type of home improvement project, there are some things to consider prior to installing a new window or trim in the window of a home. These include the type of frame material used, window opening, home style, size and width of the opening, the amount of room needed for the window, whether the window can be left open, and whether the window can be left closed, whether the window can be closed from the outside and whether a siding is involved, if so called for, and whether or not the replacement window will obstruct existing windows.

Finlay, a honest local window company in your area will be able to assist you with finding the right window installation solutions for your house. They can help guide you from the beginning of the process of selecting a particular brand, energy-efficient options, appropriate window types and other additional features. Your local window repair company will not only help with all aspects of this process but will also be able to provide you with quality options to suit your budget.

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